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R.P Saairam, Actor, Albany, King Lear

I’m R. P. Saairam, played Albany role in King Lear under PEPAC theatre. I’m so lucky have this prideful opportunity to take place in their first drama. They provided me many support to improve my acting skill and dialogue delivery with their both knowledge and experience. From back stagers to director and producer, they all lifted our acting by taking all effort and solved problems themselves, gave us a peaceful atmosphere to perform. We did hard work but didn’t realize the pain as it was so joyful to do. Every co-actors gave their best to make the play best, which motivated and made me do my best. Many days have passed and we grew our output better and better. And at last we got a tasteful meals which fills our heart with happiness. I wish PEPAC theatre to grow into many branches which will give many fruits to more people. This is a wonderful play I acted which made many magical moments, that our drama amazing. Thank you

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