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R. Vedha Rooba, Actor, Cordelia, King Lear

Report of internship 1st August to 21st December

Submitted by: R. Vedha Rooba

Third year Undergraduate Department of English EMG Yadava Women’s College

Table of contents

• Acknowledgement

• About the company

• About the internship

• Description of the experience

• Conclusion


I undertook this internship project and completed the internship report under the guidance of Lathiga. R.M, Sanjay Singh. G and PEPAC Theatre Company. I'm grateful to the PEPAC mentors for their patience and assistance during my training at their company. It was a good learning experience for me to be trained under their play direction, as the project involved many innovative practices.

About the company

PEPAC is a theatre company from Madurai. Primed with fundamental skills in performance, direction and producing, the mentors contribute a lot to the background with high standard productions.

About the internship

I joined PEPAC as a cast to enact. Though the focus was enacting, I got to practice several tasks beyond that. Along with theatrical acting, I learnt artistic details on every branch of the production.

Description of the experience

This internship incorporated in me several skills that would be beneficial beyond the academics. Several practice sessions allowed me to experiment with my psychological aspects, emotional range, projection and dramatics. With each rehearsal, the connection with the text and the intentions went uphill, along with public speaking skills and communication. The program changed the threshold of my confidence, enabled me to work in team by dividing responsibilities and enhanced kinesthetic learning. Above all, I learnt to view things from a different perspective.


From my internship from PEPAC, I learnt how arts work in theatrical plays, the strategies and implementation. It enabled to easily adapt myself to different situations and changes. I found the experience to be positive and I’m sure it would have a great influence on my career path later.

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