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V. Jerolin, Prompter, King Lear

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Good morning! I'm V. Jerolin Annam from sourashtra college. And I'm very much blessed to be a part of Pepac theatre company. The days with the people around there created a huge impact in my life like, I learnt many things. As a prompter I engage myself in observing the skills and performance of the actors and i can share some ideas to improvise their acting and dialogues delivering part. They taught me how to act, how to prompt, also about stage settings and everything. The main lesson I took away from the experience is one of the greatest lessons of all : don’t wait for your aspirations to happen, make them happen. Each and every i learned something new to explore and execute in my upcoming carrier. It was a very good experience. This internship program made me come out of my secured feelings, it made me talk and share ideas of my own and the people travelled with me were very much kind hearted, jovial and easy to mingle. I wish to continue my Internship in the upcoming years also. Thank you so much for the opportunity given to me.

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