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Shanmuga Priyan, Actor, Doctor, King Lear

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Hi , I am shanmuga priyan. I loved the days I spent with those drama members and the memories I carried with myself after the drama days. I never acted on stage in front of massive audience but I acted without any nervousness because of the courage I got from my team and the experience I took from there was immeasurable. The adjustment that made by all the actors to support the company taught me many lessons . I have learnt and developed myself without knowing it. It was a wonderful journey with all actors and the other off stage students whom helped us at the last crucial days . I have learnt how a drama is made and the importance of each and every characters to its success . Thank you pepac for your love. I am so glad to be with this team and I could never forget those days we have shared together.

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