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Sanjay G. Singh| On MKU project| and about PEPAC & Literpretation.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

MD of PEPAC Theatre Company
Sanjay Singh. G

Hello, Namaste, Khamma Ghani, Vanakkam, Hola, and Ni hao (Sorry if I missed your favourite greeting :D) to all the Theatre and film lovers around the world!

I am Sanjay G. Singh, Managing Director of "PEPAC Theatre Company". We operate our company from Madurai, and due to Covid norms, we began our journey with a short clip of myself enacting as King Lear with my other experienced co-actors to act a scene from the Shakespearean play "King Lear". The clip did wonders and became the talk of the town within 24 hours of its YouTube release. The clip grabbed the attention of the Madurai Kamaraj University’s Dean, Dr. S. Chelliah, who then, requested and proposed the company stage a play on their campus. It gives me unparalleled joy to share this Intriguing and unbelievable fact/information with you all, that PEPAC Theatre Company was the first ever to stage an English play in 57 years of Madurai Kamaraj University’s existence. Although PEPAC Theatre Company Directed, Produced, and solely organized the entire event of the Fall of King Lear at Madurai Kamaraj University on December 20 & 21, 2021, at "Madurai Kamaraj University", it was our responsibility to acknowledge the efforts and proposal of Dr. S. Chelliah, who wanted to witness at least one English play at his campus before his retirement. And out of respect for the enthusiasm and love that was showed by Dr. S Chelliah, the dean and the Head of the department of English, Madurai Kamaraj University, We decided to use the Department’s name in the credit section in all our invitations and posters for their support and acceptance at the University to stage an English play finally after years. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Ahmed Meeran, of "Hajee Karutha Rawther Howdia College" of Uthamapalayam, Theni district, who was also the co-convener of the event. Finally, the owner of the start-up company; “Meevee Costume casa”, led by Dr. C. Ramya, Asst. Prof of English at E.M.G. Yadava Women's College, we thank her for collaborating with our Literature Firm who were a part of the costumes department. "PEPAC Theatre Company" and "Literpretation" wish to reach the young and vibrant minds through our various Acting/ art programs and other Literature based opportunities from our parent company, Literpretation.

Literpretation, run by Lathiga RM, is a Literature-based blogging website that provides Internships to college students in content writing and many other programs. Literpretation has provided Internships to more than 50 Institutions now. PEPAC Theatre Company thank their Volunteers, supporters, Interns, and the Pillars who stood by the company at all times. I end my note here, with the hope that I serve Literature and Art until my last breath. Cheers!

For any queries, do mail us at:

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