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Kamesan, Actor, Duke of Burgandy, King Lear

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Before I'm entering the drama, I had self doubt, low esteem and got inferior complex. I was searching solution for complex for 3 years, but I got no solution. After entering this acting field, I feel myself and my own esteem got high. I started loving myself after this. And for few days I lived as a Duke of Burgundy that increased my confidence and me to overcome my fear. I rarely got involved in the practice cause of my part time job, that made me feel bad for not making memories with team mates, but in last three days i totally got merged with and got a attachment. This attachment made me sad while leaving the stage, practice studio and my teammates. This team also taught me that we have move on, what were happens in life we need to go with flow and live the moment. And another thing I learnt is . This society will criticize us, we need to positive thing and to be focus on our goals. Thank you pepac ❤️ I found myself in you...

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