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Jailer Review| PEPAC Theatre Company

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

One word Review: Rajnism certified!

Opening remarks:

Nelson definitely feels what it is to cast the Real and the Only Superstar of Indian Cinema! High in passion and filled with energy, Rajnikanth proves that in his case, Age really is just a number! A Great Hero is made only with a Great Villain, Vinayakan, the actor who played the main Villain was exemplary with his looks and performance! This particular movie and acting of his will be long remembered.

A Southern cocktail that Kamal or Sivaji would never allow!:

The way Rajni allowed Great stars from Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada actors to share the same level of magnum opus entries as his, reveals a lot about his vision towards Indian Cinema! Mohanlal stands tall along with Rajni among the big leagues in the screen presence! Rajni's smoke sequence came after a long time, highlighting his cigarette (cigar) skills and catching ability! His style and persona are invaluable.

The acting of the family members of Rajnikanth in the film played a decent part. Especially the little grandson and wife played by Ramya Krishnan.

Action sequences were normal, and not overhyped. By all means, it was acceptable, unlike other usual Tamil or Telugu commercial films where we get to see people and cars fly from places.

Anirudh proves again why he is in demand these days!

The seat-shivering music and BG scores made us all believe in "Anirudh Supremacy". Kaavala and Tamanna turned out to be as Brilliant as the hype which was made through social media and youtube shorts! Amazing choice of music for every actor's entry giving a pinch of taste to the viewers about the actor's back story or the landscape where they come from.


Every single entrance of Rajnikanth's gave a sense of a king who is retired and is trying to avenge and bring out his righteousness through style!

The significance as the Head of the family is purely represented when the police officers try to share how his son's death was possible, and the entire family doesn't have the slightest doubt whatsoever, but the moment Rajni's tear starts showing off, the wife and the mother of the dead son are inconsolable.

The laughter when he finds out about his son's other side, encapsulates and makes the viewers travel the entire journey of him trying to save his only son. The laugh mixed with pain makes the viewers literally tear up!

The comical elements were good, but not too hilarious, and gave the movie the necessary sparks and a smoother flow to connect with the characters.


Depth in the character of Jackie Shroff was missing. His face along with other greats of Hindi cinema like Sanjay Dutt is expressive and reveals a lot without any dialogues at all, and that could have been used for a detailed introduction of the "Jailer". Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, and Jaffer Sadiq gave their best, but are we looking at a repetition of the same character with a change of name and costume, with the same tone, same language, and same way of delivering with just dialogues changed? I guess so. It wins the actors financially, but as actors, they ought to say no and do beyond what they're capable of. We all witnessed what Vadivelu was capable of with the film Maamannan. The slow second half made the audience yawn at times, but were again getting the powerful enigma shots of Anirudh's music which awakened them with powerful comebacks of other regional stars along with the SUPERSTAR himself.!

Star Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review by: Sanjay G. Singh

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