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Abinesh Robin, Actor, Gloucester, King Lear

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I am Abinesh Robin played as Earl of Gloucester in the PEPAC company's first play. This is my second time on stage but the first playing as a major actor. Shakespeare's language was so different from today's so the first thing they did was help me improvise to their standards, I know that my language was improved in the end. This drama helped me see my capacity of working along with a team, we helped each other to grow into our characters and also the team had a healthy atmosphere, which helped me focus on my goal to be as Gloucester. Although I haven't been able to reach my expectations of being Gloucester I gave my best and I am happy with what I became. The important thing I want to mention here is the motivation and the space they gave me to work out the mental pressure that I had at the beginning. At the end of this play, I was focusing on giving my best to portray Gloucester and I know I did. I thank PEPAC company for their support, trust, and most of all this wonderful experience.

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